chromaso is the identity I use in BDSM scene. It is just a portmanteau of chroma and maso(chist).

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Who am I?

Male. Age ∈ [25, 30]. Latitude ∈ [30, 50]. Longitude ∈ [-130, -100].

Addicted into paraphilias including (but not limited to) algolagnia, asphyxiophilia, coprophilia, cuckoldism, maschalagnia, masochism, olfactophilia, podophilia and sadism. says about me (as of 2018/07):

Providentially owned!

I am incredibly fortunate to be fully owned (also collared, branded) by my mistress.


SM Stories Bibliotheca

A very small archive of BDSM-related stories gathered from the Internet. A part of them are in English, while the majority are in Chinese.

CBT Gadgets Planned

A list of gadgets I am going to use for CBT, though not in foreseeable future. A few demo videos are included.

Mazochina mirror

A mirror of the forum Mazochina (M系資源聚合).

Contact me

PM me on FetLife, or email to ten.osamorhc]ta[osam

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