chromaso is the identity I use in BDSM scene. It is just a portmanteau of chroma and maso(chist).

I also use the username mosley or deltat on some websites.

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Who am I?

A boy of 25. Chinese. Straight.

From the view of a "normal" person, I am addicted into paraphilias including (but not limited to) algolagnia, asphyxiophilia, coprophilia, cuckoldism, maschalagnia, masochism, olfactophilia, podophilia and sadism. says about me (as of 2018/07):

Providentially owned!

(Since 2018/07) I am incredibly fortunate to be fully owned by a perfect goddess, who is the amazingest girl I've ever met. Now she is my only sadist, mistress and dominatrix. Now I am more fulfilled than ever in my life. I treat myself as her private property instead of a human being.


经过 YJ 主人的恩准,我自愿完全成为她的奴,并做出奴隶宣言。在与她正式签订主奴协议之前,我将以以下十条宣言作为誓死遵守的诺言。

  1. 我将绝对地崇拜主人,在主人面前保持卑微。我深知自己完全配不上主人。
  2. 我将最大限度地服从主人对我的命令,尽我所能地侍奉主人,满足主人包括性欲在内的所有要求。
  3. 我将以主人的快乐为自己的快乐,将主人作为自己存在在世上的意义,而不顾自己的得失。
  4. 我将完全崇拜主人圣洁的身体,我深知自己不配触碰主人的任何部位。对于主人的鞋袜和排泄物,我亦将视作崇高圣洁之物。
  5. 我将长期佩戴贞操锁,只有主人可以打开。我彻底不可再自慰,亦没有擅自获得性高潮的权利。
  6. 我将让主人对我进行阉割,减少对主人的玷污。何时阉割由主人决定。在那之前,我生殖器存在的唯一作用仅是被主人凌虐。
  7. 我将把自己的身体完全献给主人。主人可以对我身体造成任意的损伤、毁坏乃至残疾;我绝不让主人承担任何责任。
  8. 我将把自己的生命献给主人。主人若决定处死我,或命令我自行结束生命,我将完全服从,并避免让主人承担任何责任。
  9. 我将对主人保持绝对的忠诚:不和其它任何人有身体接触,绝不爱慕其它任何人,更不与其它任何人有恋爱或 S/M 关系。
  10. 我将绝不干涉主人的生活。主人亦可以和其它人交往、恋爱或建立 S/M 关系,无须对我专一。



SM Stories Bibliotheca

A very small archive of BDSM-related stories gathered from the Internet. A part of them are in English, while the majority are in Chinese.

Original Story

The original femdom story 学姐的鞋底,学弟的天堂 and its sequels.

140 Needles CBT Video

This video is filmed by me in August 2017. My genitals are pierced by 140 needles.

CBT Gadgets Planned

A list of gadgets I am going to use for CBT, though not in foreseeable future. A few demo videos are included.

Mazochina mirror

A mirror of the forum Mazochina (M系資源聚合).

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